This power-up for GMail simply lets you destroy SPAM!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Logging into Gmail and finding yourself knee deep in spam mails is a pretty common experience. A few days ago I found a spam mail saying “hair loss treatment”, while thinking to myself ‘why would I need a hair loss treatment’, I simply deleted it. The same thing happened the next day, same mail and same delete. It kept on going for a week or so, all frustrated I finally decide to set up a filter for the mail. Creating a filter in a little time-consuming task and sometimes very confusing. After struggling up with the filter for an hour I somehow managed to do it. I set up a filter for mails with the subject “hair loss”, and as expected the mail did disappear. But the next day I got an email from the same sender with the subject “Easy way to lose weight” and I felt like I have been banging my head against a wall. All the hardwork in vain.

The next day, I found an other solution, and this time a better one – Gmail’s new blocksender app. Knack for innovation brings out this easy to use add-on for Gmail, empowering their users to block senders with just a click.


Features of Block Sender app

This app allows its users to block all future emails from a particular sender without any kind of complicated filter setup. Block someone who is harassing you or sending you unwanted mails and it will automatically delete the current email and block all future emails or you can block unwanted newsletters or lists that cannot be unsubscribed from an uninvited sender who is intruding into your privacy.

The Blocksender extension also adds a simple “Block” button when reading a message and it automatically sets up filters in one-click  The cherry on the cake is the fake “Mailbox doesn’t exist” error. Any sender that is on the blocked list won’t even find out that you aren’t seeing his messages instead he would receive a nearly real email saying “This email address doesn’t exists” in his inbox.


Advanced Filtering allows you to block domains, sub-domains, etc so all the members of a particular domain  blocked with one click and no one would find out as all of them would receive the same reply.


The ease with which you can block someone can sometimes prove to be a mistake, accidental block are very common but with the blocksender app you get a very wide range of flexibilities including reversible block. One can choose between permanently deleting the mails or flag the mails and have them skip the inbox.


Now you can fake an email death for those people you really don’t want to talk to. Ever. Again. Imagine never seeing another message from your ex again, isn’t that COOL?

Install Block Sender now.

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