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Book Tatkal tickets fast using Tatkal for Sure App

How difficult is to book Tatkal ticket via IRCTC website? Do I need to ask this question? At Techglimpse, we had written plenty of articles to help our readers book tickets in IRCTC. Here’s another to that list. I recently came across an interesting application called “Tatkal for Sure” – a browser extension and Android app that aims to improve the chances of booking Tatkal tickets in IRCTC. Really? Yes, it eases the ticket booking process by automatically filling the details. Book tatkal tickets fast in just 30 seconds.

Book Tatkal tickets fast in just 30 seconds

Tatkal for Sure is available as an extension for Chrome browser and Android application.

Step 1: Download extension and install it.

  Book Tatkal tickets fast

Step 2: Once installed, click on the extension icon located on the browser toolbar.

Step 3: To enter your trip details, click “+ Create a new trip” button. You need to do this before tatkal booking time. The extension suggests to fill these information before 9:57 AM (for AC classes) or 10:57 AM (non-AC classes).

Book Tatkal tickets fast

Step 4: Fill in your details. Enter IRCTC username and password.

Book Tatkal tickets fast

Enter passenger details and payment information.

Enter your mobile no. and special conditions as shown in the below image.

Step 5: Enter your payment details.


According to the extension, the payment information is not stored by Tatkal for Sure. However you must be aware that the information is entered in the pages of an extension.

Step 6: Done entering the details? Your trip will be saved.

Step 7: Just before tatkal opening (say around 9:57 AM for AC classes and 10:57 AM for non-ac classes), click on “Book Now” button located within “Your Saved trip“.

What if you are late for tatkal booking? The saved trip in the extension page will show as expired.

Step 8: If you are on-time for tatkal booking, then clicking “Book Now” button will take you to IRCTC login page – where you can see the username & password fields filled automatically by the extension. How about captcha? Ahh, you got me stuck there. The user still needs to enter the captcha.

Step 9: Upon successful login, the extension will take care of auto-filling travel details and takes you to the payment page. In case, if you had not saved payment information in the extension, then you need to manually input those details and complete the payment.

Note: Though the extension is quite popular among IRCTC users, few pointed out glitches in the payment gateway module. Hope the developers are working on it.

Bonus: Sync your Time with IRCTC Server Time for Quick Tatkal Booking

Click here to know how to sync your system time with IRCTC server time.

Try the extension and let us know your feedback in the comments section.

Do you know another extension called Ticket Master for automatic ticket booking in IRCTC?

Updated on October 2, 2017

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