Automatic Ticket Booking in IRCTC?! – Chrome Extension Ticket Master

Updated on June 14, 2018

Whatever technology comes to the world, to Indians, IRCTC is always trending! The Indian Railway website is sure to pull your legs down when you really need to book a ticket quickly, even though people are trying to find out tricks like pre-filled bookmarklets, syncing with server time and so on..

Recently we came to know that IRCTC is under test for a new UI. Unfortunately, this no way helps quick booking. Even the new services released by IRCTC is not helping in fast booking! So now? Why are we talking about all these things? Again, we have now got a chrome extension that claims to be powerful – TicketMaster.

TicketMaster allows you to enter all details like the source, boarding point, destination, date of journey, quota, train number, class, ticket type, passenger details (just like the IRCTC details) and mobile number. The extension also gets and stores your user name and password so that it loops when your session expires.

Once you enter all details, go to the extension and click on “Book Now”. This step will login you to the IRCTC website, performs train selection, enters passenger detail and take you automatically to the “Payment Page”. Then you will need to select your payment type and pay!

Interestingly, automatic captcha filling and booking for takal is also included.

ticket master irctc booking takal

I haven’t tried this extension so far, since I was more excited to write about this! Let me know if it works. Before that, don’t miss the video from the developer!

Download the extension Now! – Ticket Master (Unfortunately, the extension no more available in Chrome store. We will update this article once get some response from the extension developers. Thanks for the comment and letting us know about the issue.)

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