Cannot find pspell – Fix PHP Configuration Error

Updated on May 10, 2020

Question: I was trying to compile PHP 7.4.5 in CentOS 7 on ppc64le architecture. The reason for compiling PHP 7 instead of using yum install is because, there are no repository that provides PHP 7, including remi. Ok, I get this error “configure: error: Cannot find pspell” while configuring PHP. Do you have any idea which package provides pspell? – Soundar

Answer: pspell, is a PHP function that allows spell checking of a word and offer suggestions. The function is part of a package called aspell and all you need is to install aspell-devel package to get rid of this error.

# yum install aspell-devel

If you are wondering what does aspell package does, it’s an OpenSource spell checker.

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