Knock knock, I know who’s there – Introducing Peeple!

Updated on January 12, 2015

CES 2015 has presented us with a lot of new innovations. For enhancing security, here’s Peeple, your own smart peephole. This innovation’s purpose lies in letting you know who is outside your door, knocking, opening, closing.

What is Peeple?

It looks sort of like a big fat button and it is attached in the inside of the door over the existing peephole. It is powered by a battery which can last for many months depending on how active your front door is. Since we call it a ‘smart’ device, it obviously comes with sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity. An accelerometer fitted into the device identifies interaction with the door such as knocking, opening, closing. When it senses that, it immediately clicks a picture of who’s on the other side. An instant notification is sent to your smartphone.

So what? I can go open the door for myself!

Yes, you can. That’s why I’m going to list some of the not-so-obvious benefits. Most times, you might not be home. It’ll be good to know who’s at your door when you’re not around. For example, a product delivery person, the maid, a neighbor. Apart from the fact of finding who’s stopped by, you can also find who’s not stopped by.


Since I already said it’s a product for security purpose, it’ll be useful to know if someone’s trying your door knob, kicking your door, and sort of malicious behaviour when you’re out. And what about the times when you’re inside with high volume music, sleeping or having a party? I bet you can’t hear knocks or doorbells in some cases. Surely, Peeple will be helpful.

Suppose you’re all by yourself at home and too afraid to open the door when there’s a knock when you’re not expecting anyone. The benefits of Peeple could be endless. And since Peeple is attached in the rear side of the door, it could easily prevent people from looking through the peephole from outside and discovering the parts of the house. That’s pretty cool.

I have specified that Peeple also records when the door is closed. Meaning that it also records who goes out of the house. It’s particularly useful to know who’s going out. For example, a kid living in the house or a pet.

Here’s a detailed Peeple product description video:

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