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Updated on September 1, 2017

How much time did you kill on the internet last week? Forget about last week, how much time did you spend today surfing? What were the sites you visited yesterday? Scratching your head, tapping it hard, trying to recollect? Wondering what on Earth has come upon me asking such an analytical question which can never be answered by any living soul! Well, where there is a will there is always a way. And it seems Nackademin was motivated by these very words and came up with Surfkollen.

What on Earth is Surfkollen?

Another washing powder? Nah! This is an extension which would answer all the above mentioned questions. It’s not just you who loves to take a selfie, this lets your internet to be a part-taker in the selfie movement. It takes a selfie of your internet usage for the last seven days.


Surfkollen let’s you know of your web habits

How does it work?

Surfkollen is split into three segments namely- all web pages visited by you, the top 3 popular web pages in your web- browsing session and a per day percentile of your web-browsing session in the week. After accumulating and displaying all these information, it grades your internet activity as low, medium or high accordingly.

Surfkollen traces your web habits
Surfkollen is divided into three segments

But why would one need Surfkollen?

It all sounds pointless in the beginning. Like why would you even want to grade your internet usage!  Before I give away the answer, let me tell you something about Nackademin.

Nackademin is one of the largest IT institutes which promotes (but obviously) IT studies and invites students to pursue studies in the same field at their institute. People at Nackademin believe that one’s web habits speak volumes about an individual. They also believe it portrays one’s IT efficiency thereby informing them of their eligibility to take up courses at their institute. In a nutshell, Surkollen is a plug-in primarily designed to screen students who aspire to get into Nackademin. It can secondarily be used by the masses just to know of their web-habits (remember there’s nothing like too much information). And then there are businesses which would definitely profit by installing this extension.


This innovation can be clubbed together with your Google Chrome or Firefox web browser. For those who still prefer Internet Explorer or Safari for that matter, they are in for some bad news.


While there is an air of freshness to this extension, it has had its fair share of criticism by now. For one, it packs away tad bit of information for browsing sessions which last for hours on end. And in case you have a tendency to wipe off your browsing history at the end of your surfing session, then the extension would be at loss and sketch an inaccurate figure of your web habits (you expect better from an academy which specializes in IT).


Take a look at your web-habits 

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