Let’s have some not-so-good-wholesome fun with Somabar! – World’s First Smart Cocktail Maker!

Updated on September 1, 2017

I am a Mocktail girl as I do not drink. So, you’ll basically find me ordering ‘Virgin Mojito without alcohol’ (stupid as it may sound, I make it clear I do not want alcohol in my drink) at every restaurant I grace with my presence. But then, everybody is not like me, there are people who prefer (rather, love) their alcohol and love it to an extent of adding them into their fruit juices, as well. And I understand, cocktail business to be a fancy and complicated one (therefore, good cocktail makers draw in a throng. Remember Tom Cruise from Cocktail!).

This is an era of ‘I can do it, as well’. We are the DIYers and therefore, each has a recipe of their own. So, the descent of a smart Cocktail maker would much be appreciated by the DIYers. Smart Cocktail maker which makes unique cocktails? Where do I get this being? Well, this is not a being, this is a body made of …….plastic. Smart as in smart ‘tap the phone screen and get the cocktail’ kinda smart. By the way,  this smarty is called Somabar.

Cocktails for all

No way!

Why not? You kitchen is smart, so why not a cocktail maker which would complement your smart kitchen.

What and how?

A compact machine which almost can be mistaken for a water cooler, but look closely and you’ll notice the tall dispensers on the side which would hold drinks of your choice. One needs to fill these three proud friends with liquor and other liquids of their choice and then, tweak the settings on your phone as per your likes and dislikes (strong or light, old fashioned or otherwise) , voila, your cocktail is ready.

Once Somabar whips up a fancy drink for you, think of a fancy name to go with your fancy drink.

More than some would love Somabar

Read on to get drunk on

It offers a varied range of concoction. A little over 300 drinks which should be sufficient for lifetime (speaking like a true non-drinker). It doesn’t stop at that, it conveniently mixes your bitters, as well.

Somabar app
An app which makes cocktails

It’s not for my kitchen

Well, one design fits all.

Cleaning and maintenance?

Easy to clean, no maintenance whatsoever (anyways, a year’s warranty would keep you covered in the initial period). Speaking of cleanliness, it flushes away the remnant of the previous drink before it starts making a new one. All this in just a short span of time.

Can I detach the pods and wash them?

Absolutely. You can even freeze them, as well. Further, these are airtight and therefore, would keep all your liquor fresh and ready to be used anytime.

Where do I get it?

They recently got funded on Kickstarter, production is underway. All one needs to do is sit back and wait for the meanest cocktail maker to hit the town. In the meanwhile, the production team and the brains behind Somabar are tending to the finer details of the device, like weight and it’s comrades. Keep an eye out for this beautiful utilitarian right here.

Now painting the town red is just a click away. Cheers!

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