Contriving a coding career – Beginners guide

Updated on September 1, 2017

Phython , c++, Java and much more. Sounds like familiar terms, don’t they? Wake up !! They are the backbone of industries today. Yes, software which made everything in our life simple. Try going through a few source codes of different software you use and you will find codes in many such languages. Now that you seem to get what coding is all about you will probably want to begin coding too. It is an extraordinary experience to figure out the logic and code them. Coding also paves way to a great future in the field of software and much more. So want to start off now. Sneak down for few tips on how to begin learning a language.

Begin small

Remember you are a toddler in coding. So do not jump straight away to complicated languages. C is the basic language to begin with or you could probably go for Visual basic. NET.  With time as you get good with the language you will understand that most languages follow same procedure except with more features and slight differences in the syntax and keywords.

Coding the future

Use online tutorials

It is not always necessary you go to school to learn languages. Including many leading university tutorials YouTube has a huge collection of videos teaching languages. Choose the one that seems to be easy for you. Some of the videos may have pre-requisites but not all. Once you find the right video ensure you have a collection of the same so as not to lose the continuity.

Save a slot regularly

Assume you are going to school to learn the language. So allocate a particular time regularly so you don’t lose the flow. Dropping in whenever you feel like is going to get you nowhere. Take it less like a hobby and more like a subject. Feeling determined and serious about learning the language will definitely help you proceed.

Try out books

Books are great guides when it comes to learning languages. Ample number of e-books and hard-copies are available. Look for reviews and ask people around before you go for any book as they must be of the level you are expecting. Go for books that provide you illustrations as you will get a better idea on how things work. And remember how huge the book is honestly does not matter.


Nothing can make you good at programming than practicing. Looking at a problem and simply thinking about how to do it is not the way. Download the software and try them out. Find questions online or in books and try to solve them. In real life there may be lot of errors occurring while executing your code. A good programmer must be capable of handling these errors and this can happen only with time and regular practice.

Have a track of other languages which are based on the language you are learning. Once you feel good at the language you can try working with several other related languages.

Learning is an endless process. Languages may seem complicated initially and demand lot of time and patience. But once you start getting along the flow, programming is pleasure. Start off young as this will give you the chance of learning multiple languages. Syntax is all that you need to learn. Beyond that Coding follows no boundaries.

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