[OpenStack-Devstack]: Error: Service n-net is not running when executing stack.sh

If you are stuck with an error “Service n-net is not running” while installing OpenStack using Devstack, then here’s how you can fix the issue.

+functions-common:service_check:1674 echo 'Error: Service n-net is not running'
Error: Service n-net is not running
+functions-common:service_check:1677 '[' -n /opt/stack/status/stack/n-net.failure ']'
+functions-common:service_check:1678 die 1678 'More details about the above errors can be found with screen'

Solution: Check if n-net is enabled in ENABLED_SERVICES attribute in the local configuration file localrc at the compute node.


You may delete the line or install n-net service.

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