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Getting Doubleclick DARTIframe.html 404 error on your website? Here’s the fix

Are you getting DARTIframe.html 404 error on your website? Then you are not alone. Recently I was getting lots of doubleclick DARTIframe.html not found errors on my website and wanted a quick solution. After googling for few hours, I was able to find a reason for the error and a solution as well. Doubleclick error was occurring only sometimes and was seen on different posts. Moreover the error doesn’t occur on all websites, but sometimes on websites that run Google ad codes.

The doubleclick DARTIframe.html not found was a very lengthy URL as shown below,


What causes doubleclick DARTIframe.html not found error?

Here’s the reason given by Google,

All web browsers place restrictions on interaction between documents that reside on different domains. This is a security feature designed to prevent documents on one domain from reading data on another, using a scripting language like JavaScript.

Browser restrictions on cross-domain scripting in iframes are necessary to prevent malicious data access. The browser sees the document inside the iframe (the ad) as residing in a different domain from the surrounding page content.

When a website uses iframe ad tags, an iframe is created around the ad. For example, if www.mysite.com has an iframe ad tag that displays an ad from ad.doubleclick.net, the ad is restricted from accessing anything outside the enclosing iframe. This restriction prevents Floating and Expanding creatives from being served through iframe ad tags.

However, there are cases, as with ads served by third parties, where publishers want to grant leave from the iframe environment to domains that they trust. Click to the next page for more details.

The Solution

As told by Google,

If your site uses iframes, you must download the DARTIframe.html file to successfully run Rich Media ads in your website.

Step 1: Head on to this link and download the zip from Google support website.

Step 2: Unzip the folder to find a HTML file named “DARTIframe.html

Step 3: Now create a new folder named “doubleclick” under your website’s root directory (for instance, under ‘www’ or ‘public_html’)

Step 4: Copy ‘DARTIframe.html‘ to ‘doubleclick’ folder.

That’s it!

Updated on September 3, 2017

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