Confused on what Font is used in an Image or Photo? Here is a solution!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Have you ever got impressed with a font in an image? Well, that’s natural and even many times I have got impressed with the text embedded in the image. Project Naptha came to the rescue for my second wish but what about the first one? Will it be not great if it’s possible you to identify the font and the font typeface used somewhere?

Don’t worry, we have found a service to rescue – WhatTheFont. Here is the complete step by step guide with video tutorial on how to identify the fonts found in an image/picture/photo so you can use them too!

Consider the below image for reference from which we need to find the font-family of the text “Now offering”.

Website Migration Service Reference Image
Website Migration Service Reference Image

Step 1: Crop the image and get the part of your interest alone.

Since our focus is to find the font-family of the text “Now offering” we shall eliminate the other things and focus on the needed part.

Find Font type in the image

Step 2:  Go to WhatTheFont and upload your image and the service will automatically find the closest matches from all fonts available in the database.

Check out WhatTheFont in action here

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