APC Installation Error – sh: phpize: command not found [Solved]

Updated on September 3, 2017

Question: Hi techglimpse, I was trying to install APC for Mediawiki using yum on CentOS virtual machine. To install APC package, I ran pecl command as ‘pecl install apc‘. But the command failed with an error as “sh: phpize: command not found. ERROR: `phpize’ failed“. I also found that ‘phpize‘ did not exist in PATH variable. I installed all the packages of PHP via yum. Could you please tell me which PHP package will actually contain ‘phpize‘ command? as this package is required to install APC

– Thanks Maneesh.


Maneesh, did you install PHP developer package? The ‘phpize‘ command is bundled as part of the PHP development tools. You can run the below command to check if ‘php-devel‘ package is installed on your machine.

phpize command not found

# rpm -qa |grep php-devel

If you don’t find one, then you need to install ‘php-devel’ package via yum as below:

# yum install php-devel

Once the package is installed successfully, check if ‘phpize’ exist.

# which phpize

Now, try installing APC and it should work.

What is APC?
APC called as "Alternative PHP Cache", a language that helps to improve application performance by caching the output of PHP bytecode compiler.

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