Flappy Bird will come again, but will be lesser addictive says Nyugen.

Updated on September 1, 2017

I hope you are one among the Flappy Bird fans in the world! Was it really miserable when you addicted playing the game in your friends phone, and when you want the game for yourself, it was taken out of the App store or the Play store?

Not to worry, Flappy Bird is coming back again, to beat its clones! And yes, the words are from the developer Nyugen himself. Nyugen has told CNBC’s Kelly Evans, that the is in the works of creating more apps and Flappy Bird would be released again and this time it would be less addictive.

Last February Nyugen pulled out the game from the official stores quoting that he would wish people to spend their time productively, than playing the addictive game and cursing him for the hard time.

Time to rejoice and wait for the new shiny version of Flappy Bird?!

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