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Can’t buy a sophisticated gadget? Rent it with KitSplit.

Technology always has a price. Sometimes, it is just something we cannot afford. However, we always seem to have a need for expensive gadgets, be it for a special occasion or a general research. Sometimes, people wish that they could test a gadget, have it with them for at least a day and make sure they’re comfortable with it and if it is worth buying. This wish has come true with KitSplit.

KitSplit is a New York based start-up that aims to rent out gadgets that are pricey to buy. People who are interested in experiencing cutting-edge technology without actually having to buy them will surely benefit from KitSplit. The company currently harbours over 1 million USD worth of equipment for rent, you may even be able to find some rare equipment here. This is not just for gadgets but also for spaces such as studio spaces.



Source: kitsplit.com

Users have to sign up at http://www.kitsplit.com/ and create a profile with a few details requested from them. They can also opt to merge Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. The website always has details about the gears that you can rent that day. They say it can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Search for the items you need and make a request.
  2. Co-ordinate a pick-up place or a drop-off place.
  3. Make something awesome! 😀

To get a taste of how much they charge you as rent for a day, here are a few samples:

Canon 5dii Kit

A great starter video with all you need to make a beautiful piece, including the canon 5dii DLSR, tripod, 24-70 lens, & audio equipment, for just $85/day.

DJI Phantom Drone

Try out the flying camera everyone’s been talking about for just $55 a day.

Are you in possession of valuable equipment and want to make money out of it? Simple, enlist it in KitSplit, make a profile and add pictures of it and name a price for rent. 15% of this rent is taken by KitSplit for it’s efficient service. That’s a good way to make some money with your costly gadgets.

KitSplit also declares that it provides a good platform to meet like-minded creative photographers, filmmakers, and artists by sharing equipment. You can get tips from them and find crew. Exciting, isn’t it?

Updated on April 7, 2015

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