HTC Mini + is a remote control for HTC Phones

Updated on September 3, 2013

All of us have had those moments when we’re really into a game or reading up on our favorite blog on our phone and get interrupted by a call. Sure, once we get the done with the call, the game can be resumed and the blog reading can continue. But what about the loss of interest? It’s just like one of those times when we finally get down to doing something we’ve been procrastinating and just as we start, someone will need us for the most mundane of tasks. Fret no more!

HTC understands this predicament really well (or at least that’s what they say). Enter HTC Mini +, a remote control for your HTC phone. The Mini + is an upgrade to its predecessor HTC Mini, and looks much the same as the older version. So what is a remote control have anything to do with a cellphone, much less a smartphone? We’ll tell you – its primary function is to let you browse and do other non-usual stuff on your phone even while you’re on a call without actually losing charge on your phone. The Mini + looks much like a cordless phone and can be hooked onto your phone via Bluetooth. So whenever you have to take a call, you can use the Mini + instead.

HTC Mini + - Remote Control for your smartphone
HTC Mini + – Remote Control for your smartphone

Oh, by the way, the Mini + is also an actual remote control. You can change channels on your TV without moving from your favorite spot on the couch or having to look under it for the TV remote. The device can also be used to operate multimedia streaming through HTC Media Link HD. If you thought the Mini + would make sense only at home, think again. It comes with an in-built laser pointer and slideshow remote control so you can add more power to your points when you’re doing a slideshow in the office conference room. It does have a little screen of sorts, mostly to read incoming and outgoing call data (number, duration of call, the works). It looks much like an A/C remote, but we don’t think it can actually control your air conditioner; we don’t really see any swing and temperature manipulation buttons on the device.

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