HiFi Skyn turns your iPhone into Super iPhone – Longer Life, Better Sound System. But?

Updated on January 12, 2015

For all the people out there to whom your iPhone’s sound system is just not enough, CEntrance’s HiFi Skyn provides a way of converting your phone into a stylish and effective music player. It comes with a battery to charge your phone while playing music, so you don’t have to worry about conserving your charge and turning down your volume or switching off music for the same. HiFi Skyn is basically a big case for your iPhone that comes in different colours.

Here are the three things that HiFi Skyn does:

  • A case that gives you music. It can give you the best music you’ve ever heard. HiFi-Skÿn supports asynchronous digital streaming and mastering-level sound up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution. The device supports DSD audio as well.
  • A case that charges your phone. A built in battery with 1Amp charging circuit will enable to charge the phone twice as fast as the normal USB plug. The Skyn can also use its battery to charge the iphone on the go.
  • A case for protection. A rough and tough impact-resistant case is built to protect all the components of the iPhone as well as the battery and audio enhancement system.


Here are the features in summary:

  • High resolution playback
  • 24-bit/192kHz resolution
  • DSD audio support
  • Extra output power
  • Extended battery life
  • Protection for your phone.

With such benefits, there comes a few drawbacks as well. As you can see in the images of how it looks, you can find that the case it pretty long. It’s about a third larger than the phone. In an age where we’re trying to move to slimmer phones, or for larger displays, this proves to be a hindrance when it comes to looks. The case also adds bulk to the phone. Your iPhone will be heavier and tougher to carry or handle.

Another drawback is that it is pretty expensive prices at around 200 to 400 USD depending on the offers and early sales discounts. One must also note that it works only for iPhone 5. It would be wasteful to buy one for this purpose if you already have an iPhone 6 or you’re with iPhone 4 and wondering if you should go for the latest. But if you do have an old iPhone 5 resting somewhere, you can add this case and convert it into your posh music player.

Learn more from the below video:

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