Larklife – wristband to track life

Updated on September 1, 2017

Way more than an exercise, diet and sleep tracker, larklife guides you to feeling great and finding that extra energy you sure could use! The band is splash resistant and has a pedometer built inside, which would count your steps every day. The sleep feature is cool — it can tells how long you sleep each night, as well as how long it takes you to actually get to sleep each night. There’s also a vibrating alarm built into the band to wake you up each morning. The comfortable night band tracks your data while you snooze, then uses it to recommend ways to up your energy once you wake!

LarkLife Wristband
LarkLife Wristband

Simple diet logging in the push of a button, tracks what you’re eating and get tips to help you eat for more energy. These individualized suggestions results of the user data that is acumulated and being analyzed on the back-end by sophisticated techniques, based on the science of circadian rhythms, or how the individuals energy levels peak and dip.

The Larklife will release for $150 later this year and comes with an accompanying iOS app. Pre-order now to get the life band as soon as shipping starts!

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