A Button sized Programmable BLE Sensors for Wearable from MetaWear!

Updated on September 1, 2017

The sleek face was what caught my eye. My eyes lovingly traced each of its details. The usual look of a timepiece but the unusual claim of being a smart piece, the Moto watch had me eating out of its hands in no time. That is until I knew its price! Priced at par with Kindle or a basic smartphone, it is a watch after all, that’s what my heart tells me all the time. A watch which would need a compatible phone, which having lived its glory days would soon go out of style, downgrading my watch to a usual watch without a trace of it being smart. Along with the fame of being smart, it would lose its brand value as well. It definitely isn’t timeless like Rolex or chic like Fossil. Then why invest in it at all?

If you are like me then let’s point fingers at each other for holding back wearable technology from reaching its destination at the top. While I can warm up to the idea of wearable technology rooting for a cause, I fail to see a reason for strapping one to my wrist after all the therapy we as a generation seek to steer clear of technology.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology for a cause? Who is making them? What are these? Well, it can range from a necklace which can alert your beloved of a danger you walked into to a costume for tracking health disorders. Where do I get these? Well, you and I and the world together can now make these little somethings which can improve our lives in big ways. How? With MetaWearC.

This prototype platform would breathe the breath of life into your concepts and designs. This coin sized platform is small (8mm x 34mm x 34mm) and powerful and aspires to serve both the tinkerers and idea-driven-serious-developers. An ARM processor which is low powered,  a temperature detector, accelerometer, Bluetooth, 16 GB RAM, 256 KB flash memory. LED, push buttons and a promise to seamlessly work with other sensor…..what more can one ask for?

MetaWear C
MetaWear C

Since its conception on Kickstarter, wearable enthusiasts world over have been flocking to the crowd sourcing platform to reap its benefits. Ranging from $49 (promotional price) to a standard price of $69, the Coin is the shaper of wearable technology.

A world teeming with ideas now has a cheap solution , meaning, the wearable segment would now experience a major growth spurt.

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