A feast for the olfactory organs – oPhone let’s you smell the world on your phone’s screen!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Ladies would know this much better than men- Instagraming the Starbucks of the day! For those of you who are still waiting for realization to dawn, here’s a brief explanation of the new ‘it’ thing- almost in every part of the world, most 20 something females have caught up this disease of Instagraming their drink of the day from Starbucks! Why? Well, you’ve got to ask them.

But that’s beyond point here. The desire to smell the inside of the coffee shop joint and its drink whenever a cup of it makes its way on my screen hit me with force. For I cannot live without my precious nose and while it may sound funny, we all can’t live without our nose (and that’s for a fact). So, the concept of virtual smells has always thrilled me. Google Nose whet my appetite and I have desired to smell everything I see on my screen ever since. And it seems oNotes would finally let me and all of you out there do that.

onotes unveils ophone
oPhone for iPhone

Imagine being able to communicate by means of texts, snaps and sounds? Haven’t we been doing that for quite some time now? Yes, but have you been doing that with smell, as well? Smell? Yes, smell! oPhone let’s one communicate the usual way (snaps, texts and all) with an unusual addition, that is, you can smell them all.

The smelling app is called oSnap and privileged iPhone users would be able to smell it all. How does it work? iPhone users please pay attention-  oSnap can be downloaded from the App store for free. Once it’s on your phone, you will be catered 32 scents of which you can pick one, two, three, all in all eight in all. You can name them and send them. If you are in Paris or New-York, make sure you are within the Bluetooth enabled vicinity of an oPhone because then you can smell the scent off your screen.

But, why particularly Paris and New-York? And what is an oPhone? Let me answer the latter before answering the former question. oPhone is the complementary device to promote which oNotes have been sent out in the market. As of now, Paris and New-York have few select hotspots where oPhones are installed and iPhone users can live an aromatic moment within the device’s Bluetooth enabled vicinity.

The creators of oPhone and oNotes have plans to add more goodies like oMedia, oBooks, oFilms and the like to their basket. Each will come in with a smell tag attached to it.

Would customers shell out in and around $199 for a device which lets them virtually smell? Never say never; they may be willing to do just about that! How about you? Do you want to smell while communicating?

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