Download OpenStack Command Line Interface Cheat Sheet! – Most Commonly used Commands

Updated on September 1, 2017

OpenStack is a great platform to setup your own cloud environment. But for novice, it’s not that easy. Yes, there are plenty of packages such as RDO, Packstack, Devstack etc..that allows you to install OpenStack in few minutes, but until you install it manually you are never going to understand how it works. Few months ago, I installed OpenStack Icehouse on my testbed and wrote a guide about it (including the installation errors and solution). What amazes me with OpenStack is the huge list of Commands that it offers and the way it has been documented (that runs down to 100 plus pages). Ah! finally, I thought this – it could have been better if there was a Cheat Sheet containing only the commands that are most commonly used (probably, call it as OpenStack Command Line Interface Cheat Sheet). Sounds cool isn’t? I didn’t find one and thus made one!

Here it’s!

OpenStack Command-Line Interface Cheat Sheet

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