quotaon: Quota format not supported in kernel : Ubuntu [Solved]

I was recently working with quota tool on Ubuntu and was trying to configure quota for / partition. After the configuration, when I try to turn on quota using the command quotaon, I got the following error:

# quotaon /
quotaon: cannot find //aquota.group on /dev/vda1 [/]
quotaon: using //aquota.user on /dev/vda1 [/]: No such process
quotaon: Quota format not supported in kernel.

Quota format not supported

How to fix error : Quota format not supported

After googling, found out that, it is a Bug in the kernel. The quota filesystem modules are currently not included in the virtual kernel package. However, it is important if a virtual system is used to offer user facing services that require to enforce disk space limitations.

Fix: Add the quota modules to the virtual package. On Oneiric and Precise install linux-image-extra-virtual package. On old versions the modules should be already patched into kernel (So, just update your system).

#apt-get install linux-image-extra-virtual

After that, add the quota modules to start with boot:

#echo quota_v1 >> /etc/modules
#echo quota_v2 >> /etc/modules

Then reboot the system.

Now check if it’s working:

cat /proc/modules | grep -i quota
root@osticket-mail-client:~# quotaon -pa
group quota on / (/dev/vda1) is on
user quota on / (/dev/vda1) is on

Now you can turn-on/turn-off quota using the below command:

#quotaon /
#quotaoff /

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