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Updated on September 1, 2017

Phorce, a smart bag that can help you carry your gadgets and as well as charge them. It can hold lots of your stuffs,  power your devices and can also communicate with your smartphone. Well, here is the big list of devices that can take up some juice from Phorce – can charge three USB devices simultaneously, charge smartphones, tablets, iPods, smart watches, cameras, portable speakers, headphones, GoPro, macbook and more!

Phorce Smart Bag can charge all your gadgets

The smart bag has an integrated lightweight battery pack that can charge your iPhone 5 up to 8 times, Samsung Galaxy S3 up to 6 times and an iPad mini up to 2.5 times. Check the chart below,

Phorce can charge almost all devices

Phorce can also communicate with your smartphone using the Bluetooth and an app. The Phorce application is available for both the iOS and Android devices. The app reads out how much power the bag has left with and what you can do with it. It has a rich graphics that can display the number of times your mobile can be charged. It also sends a notification to remind you for charging.

The smart bag also checks its range with your smartphone and sends you a notification when it is out of reach. Phorce is available as three different bags – Messenger bag, Backpack and Briefcase.

Phorce comes in three varities

Apart from being a charger, the smart bag can let you store lots and lots of stuff. It comes with a 360 degree expansion zip that can provide you 240 cubic inches of extra space. The project is currently seeking funds in the Kickstarter and has obtained a good response.


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