Error : DNS Propagation check Token Mismatch [Solved]

Updated on July 17, 2018

One of my client asked me to update DNS entry of his domain at Namecheap. After updating DNS, I checked DNS propagation at WhatsMyDNS. I know DNS takes time to propagate and sometimes it can happen quickly as well. But even after waiting for hours, the DNS was not propagated and WhatsMyDNS showed "Token Mismatch" error. So what does the error “Token Mismatch” mean? Well, here’s what I learnt.

The above error was related to a timeout of a token generated by WhatsMyDNS site that allows the visitor to use their search/lookup system. So when I tried to check the DNS propagation of a domain, the token is used to perform the search operation. The “Token Mismatch” error occurs when the token generated by WhatsMyDNS has expired and no longer valid when the search or lookup operation was performed. Hence the site throws “Token mismatch” error.

Solution : Fix Token Mismatch error while checking DNS propagation at WhatsMyDNS.

So how to fix this issue? As a visitor, you need not do anything.┬áNormally for such errors, you can refresh WhatsMyDNS website so that it gets a new token and perform the searches. The site uses the token to ensure 3rd party doesn’t use their system without visiting the site directly.

Hope it helps.

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