Tron Electric Lightcycle that can speed up to 120mph!

Updated on March 5, 2012

A super motor cycle that replicate the computer generated bike in the movie Tron. The Tron electric motor cycle is none other than an inspiration of the motor bike that featured in the movie. The light cycle is engineered by Parker Brothers Choppers, which is 8 feet long, 23 inches wide and weights around 474lbs. According to the reports, the bike can hit a speed up to 120mph. The electric bike is powered by custom lithium ion batteries.  The wheels looks amazingly huge, which are made of former truck tyres. It’s also possible to custom-shape the Tyre to fit your need and decorate them with glowing electro-luminescent strips. A fiberglass cover encases a steel frame and, the riders have to lie at a near-horizontal position just as in the film.

Tron Electric Lightcycle! Experience the unusual biking.

Tron Light cycle
Tron Light cycle

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