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Hello, SmartHalo-a bike lover by nature! – Your Bike deserves to be Smart!

What aspect of an advertisement tends to catch your eye? For me, it’s always the protagonists, a female lead usually has me eating out of the advertiser’s hands in no time. A female lead in a male dominated world is all the more better. Sure, Microsoft in the past has roped in Lenka to jump around and croon Everything at once and every automobile exhibition in the world has a handful of female models right next to a mean beast smiling as hard as they can. Marketeers know the act of selling pretty well and a female lead working hard on screen is quite rare a sight even in this day and age.

SmatHalo lassoed me for this very reason, it had a pretty female lead cycling around a city and cycling is hard work. But, SmartHalo deserves to be in the limelight, both for the product it is and the way it markets itself. A device which promises to transform your bicycle into a smart bicycle, SmartHalo is one of a kind.

Hello, Halo!

Designed to fit every bicycle in the world, this device with its sleek UI is utilitarian in nature. Fix it on your bike’s handlebar and forget about its existence. The next time you take your bike out for a spin, supply the SmartHalo app on your phone with your destination’s name and tuck it into your pocket. The SmartHalo device on your bike would lead you on the shortest route to your destination. The green and the red hued LED lights on the ¬†circular face of the device blinks well in advance, letting you plan your next turn when on a bike.

An unconscious fitness tracker, SmartHalo keeps a track of distance travelled, elevations, palpitation and calories burned without you having to hit start and stop button every time. It unconsciously keeps a track of all your moves. What bothers customers the most is the probability of ruining a pretty device and the creators of SmartHalo have covered that as well. It guarantees to remain untarnished through clouds, shine and snow, it will keep up its pretty front throughout its lifespan.

Dark? It switched on its LED light all by itself. Forgot where you parked? Ask the SmartHalo app. You around? It senses your presence. It acts as a stand in for your bicycle lock and  keeps an eye out for the thieves. An attempt to tamper or steal would make it screech alerting you in no time. This device can only be unlocked with a special key shipped along with it.

Funded by Kickstarter, pre order your SmartHalo as your bike too deserves to be smart as everything else.

Updated on October 23, 2015

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