Uber being uber-cool with UberDRIVE, an all new game on iOS!

Updated on September 1, 2017

More than once in a lifetime we all find ourselves carrying out responsibilities for which we weren’t cut out in the first place. While your mother would call you a dawdler who also happens to be a good for nothing and your neighbors pride themselves for birthing kids whose looks can kill and brains always thrill…..But truth is, you cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree (quoting Albert would render an intellectual touch to your otherwise worthless brain).

Uber, the crime carrier (like the inverse relation between gravity and your IQ) has a better idea-why not train the fish to climb the tree instead? An integral step in training- inspire and motivate is a part of Uber’s curriculum. The much demanded cab service headquartered in San-Francisco, launched a game for the iOS users earlier this month to improve the driver’s knowledge about the city (for now).

Knowing the city the Uber way

UberDRIVE just like any street game is a visual depiction of a driver’s day on the road. As being a driver with one of the most sought after cab services in the world doesn’t entitle one to have the knowledge of the city’s roadways, UberDRIVE would let these driver-gamers to do just that-educate themselves about the roadways while they drive from A to B. The driver can select a route, interact and highlight landmarks, all in the course of driving and playing. In case the driver is a multi-tasker, then you reach your destination in one piece and the driver scores for successfully completing his…..responsibility.

Just like any other game, the driver unlocks a new level by way of securing scores.  The driver would further be rated on basis of the driving tests rolled out by the game. All in all, in the long run the driver would hone his navigational skills (which he otherwise did not own as a DRIVER).

UberDRIVE for iOS

The first time I laid my hands on a car-based game, my car jumped up in the air and landed with a thud, rooftop-down right in the middle of a freeway. I do not boast in my gaming skills (I do not have much driving skills to speak of as well) but I am aware of distractions and the feeling of being zonked on adrenaline when the virtual world intersects with the real world. I, for one, would not rely on a cab whose driver would drive me from A to B in lieu of high scores. Would you?

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