Why pay a trade fee when Robinhood is here – Robinhood for iOS

Updated on September 1, 2017

We all need money, period! To buy shoes, bags, food, shelter, electricity, everything comes for a price and we all need some money to pay this price. We spend long years in school in the pursuit of money. So when one finally starts earning, they realize that it isn’t sufficient as no amount of money ever is!

This and the thrill of the market propels one towards stock market. I could have been categorized in the former category wherein, I wanted money to gift myself a snazzy pair of shoes (shoes are like money, never sufficient). What followed was an earnest round of prayers, requests and what not to parents who had gifted me a  pair of one just a month before the incident. The answer was a big, capitalized NO! A sullen me decided to pave a path for myself when my bread giver turned their backs on me (ignore the dramatics). A naive me, walked into Sharekhan and inquired of  trading. I had overheard mom talk about it before with words like ‘earn’, ‘rise’ and ‘profit’ highlighted in my mind. The lady at the counter smiled my way, gave me a brokers number and said he would get in touch with me regarding the same. I was a step closer to my shoes. With an added bounce, I went back home, told mom of my act of valor. She looked me in the eye, gave me an I-know-it-all smile and asked, “You can afford the trading fee?” I was freed of my rosy daze right at that moment and so of my dream to own the pair of shoes.

stock trading for kids

As an adult, we all have a better clue of the market. We all are aware of terms like brokerage charge, commissions and the like. It would be great for novice traders to get rid of these baggage called expense. Well, Robinhood on the iOS is here to save you from the oppressive injustice.

What Robinhood does ?

It does the usual job of a trader – let’s you place an order, set a  limit, margin and other details, all this and many other purposes is served by it for the individual brokerage account listed with the U.S securities. All these services are for zero commission right on your phone.

What more?

  • Analyze the market by way of viewing charts in variegated colors.
  • Analyze your performance in a span of time.
  • Personalize the list which keeps a track of the market.
  • Know when the market opens and closes.

How secure is it?

Very. It lets you customize your PIN and your personal information is SSL encrypted.

Before you clap your hands and jump up in excitement, sit still and hear – It is only applicable for the US stock market (you have already said that) and it targets the youth who are often low on cash, meaning, large transaction cannot be carried out by it.

Here’s where you can find it.

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