10 Tips and Tricks one should know to use in Google SpreadSheets

Updated on September 1, 2017

Google spreadsheet is a great place to have data saved and share online with friends and colleagues. Even though Google spreadsheet doesn’t comes with full functionality of Microsoft Excel, still it consists of much of the needed functionality. Here are few tips that aren’t for the super advanced data mavens, rather, they’re for the common folk. Here’s a quick look at the Tips and Tricks you might need to know.

GoogleDrive Spreadsheet Tricks Tips
GoogleDrive Spreadsheet Tricks Tips
Tip #1 : Add a new line in a cell

Ctrl + Enter

Tip #2 : Move to the last active row where data is entered

Ctrl + Down Arrow

Tip #3 : How to view/insert data from different sheet to the current sheet


Note: This includes data in the A1 cell of Sheet 2 in the current sheet

Tip #4 : Shortcut to select entire column

Ctrl + Space

Tip #5 : Shortcut to shift between sheets

Ctrl + Shift + PageUP => Move to next sheet

Ctrl + Shift + PageDOWN => Move to previous sheet

Tip #6 : Insert Local Date

Ctrl + ;

Tip #7 : Insert Local Time

Ctrl + Shift + ;

Tip #8 : Use specific currency symbol

1. Select the range of cells you’d like to format or modify.
2. Click the 123 toolbar icon.
3. Select the number, date, or currency format you’d like to apply to the range of cells.

You can also add Custom Currencies (like ₴) using the 123 menu as in the screenshot below.

Custom Currency symbol in Google SpreadSheet
Custom Currency symbol in Google SpreadSheet

Type in the currency you want:

Custom Currency
Custom Currency

and you will be able to select them

Tip #9 : Merge 2 columns into one column vertically

Install the VMERGE script from the script gallary:

VMerge Script Galery Google Spreadsheet
VMerge Script Galery Google Spreadsheet

The script you just installed, makes it possible to combine multiple ranges into one: =VMERGE(range1,range2, ect)

Tip #10 : Enable AutoComplete

You should be able to Enable autocomplete under the Tools menu as shown in below figure

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