How to prevent your Adsense code used on Unauthorized websites?

Updated on September 1, 2017

Have you wondered why adsense Performance reports tab shows sites that are not owned by you? I have been worrying after seeing other sites using my adsense code. Actually this might not harm your earnings, but there are chances that your adsense code used for malicious activities or used on a website that violates adsense policies. Apart from all these, why would someone want others to use their adsense code? Thankfully, you can prevent that using Adsense’s ‘Authorize sites to display ad’ feature.

It’s an optional feature that allows Adsense to identify the sites that are allowed to display your adsense code. If you are really worried about the malicious use of your ad code, then I strongly suggest to make use of this feature.

To do that,

Step 1: Login to your adsense account and click “Home” tab.

Step 2: From the left side menu, click “Account settings

Step 3: Under the “Access & authorization” section, click ‘edit” next to “Sites authorized to show ads”

Step 4: Check “Only allow certain sites to display ads for my account

Step 5: Enter all URL’s of the site that you wish to authorize. Make sure you add all the subdomains of your website (including www – mostly not required if you have enabled URL Cannonicalization)

Step 6: Once done, click save button.

The change would take 48 hours to reflect.

Adsense Authorized websites
Adsense Authorized websites

 The ads will continue to appear on sites that you haven’t authorized and its impressions will also be counted. But you will not earn revenue from those sites.

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