Create beautiful Text effects in Divi

Updated on August 29, 2023

I have been using Divi for many years now and it’s a great tool for developing amazing websites quickly that would otherwise take months. If I ever wanted to create some beautiful text effects, I relied on adding some custom CSS code to Divi. While that works fine, I always felt that Divi had a built-in module that I could simply drag and drop. Well, Divi may not have a built-in module, but here’s a plugin called Divi Supreme that lets you add some impressive effects to take your website design to the next level.

Divi Supreme is a premium plugin that works with the Divi framework, which gives a plethora of interesting elements to work with – Flipbox, buttons, social media extensions, contact forms, text effects, Google map extensions, etc. Well, as this article is focussed on text effects, here’s a long list to choose from Divi Supreme – Gradient Text, Text Dividers, Typing effects, Glitch Text, Text reveal on image hovers, Text shuffling, etc.

The plugin also has a free version that offers plenty of free modules to start with. All you need is to download the plugin from the WordPress repository and give it a try.

Divi Supreme plugin

Text effects in Divi

Typing effect in Divi

Here’s an example of a Typing effect that I created for my company website.

Typing text effects divi

Glitch Text in Divi

Glitch text effects in divi

Mask Text in Divi

Mask text effect in Divi

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