Take a break from the humdrum Wi-Fi routers and upgrade to OnHub by Google

Updated on September 1, 2017

Over the years the idea of moving and settling in has evolved. For our parents, moving entitled-trucks, cranky babies, loads and loads of furniture….these often followed with days of deciding, “Where would that piece go?” For us moving and settling in entitles a suitcase and setting up a Wi-Fi router, period!

In this age of Internet of Things, Google should be given the award for efficiently identifying the need of a common man and addressing it. This time around they have come up with OnHub – a Wi-Fi router like no other! If you just thought, “I already have one, I need no more!” here’s why you should buy OnHub:

  • The company’s obsession for details has been channelized into OnHub, thereby, making it a plush resident for power, connectivity and accessibility.
Google OnHub
Google OnHub for all


But what’s the use of the feeling of being a king when in reality the device has nothing royal to offer? Which router finds a Wi-Fi with the best connection and prioritizes a device which assures quick connectivity at the most direst of times?

Google OnHub
Google OnHub for simplified living

Which device boasts of 13 antennas circularly arranged to support a speed of up to 1900 Mbps? Which device would let you know (through an app) who hooked on to your Wi-Fi when you aren’t at home?

And which device sees a prospective future with Bluetooth Smart Ready and Weave? OnHub!

The best part about OnHub is like most Google products (think Chrome, PC and the like) it’ll automatically update to walk abreast with your advancing technology. Moreover, a company closely associated with Android has an app up its sleeves for iPhone users, meaning, Wi-Fi for all!

It also boasts of a 4GB Onboard storage space which would house updates and new features. All in all OnHub would open a new castle door for Google. With its ongoing projects like Google for Work, Glass, etcetera, OnHub would be one its rarest projects which would see quick ends.

Rumor has it that this holy grail of Wi-Fi router would be shipped as soon as 31st of August which is quick as compared with 2016, 2017 or 2020…anticipated closing dates of its other projects.

Should you be wary of OnHub? In theory, Yes! Practically, No!

Why? Coz Google has pledged not to do anything what it already hasn’t been doing. It would not monitor your activity online any more than it already does when you use it through a different router.

Yay or Nay? A big yay! As parents always like to keep an eye out (make that both the eyes out) on their little one who isn’t little anymore. Now you know why Google makes money, it sides up with the bread winners!

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