Chrome Experiment : “Santa Maps Dive” makes you feel like a flying Christmas Pegman!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Google has released a Christmas-themed version of the Map Dive called Santa Maps Dive. This in-browser game was built for Chrome using WebGL. The game allows you to take control of Pegman in his flying santa suite and asks you to guide him to descent to landscape below passing through a series of candy loops, collecting presents.

Of course there is a counter that counts the number of successful present collections and loop passages. Six cities are currently available( initially accesses your location), and your aim is to collect as many items as possible before landing!

santa map dive google

 Ready to play?! I bet that this game is sure to be your time killer! Check – Google Santa Map Dive

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  1. Google, that piece of garbage destroyed such good things like this game here, now it needs to die. Help the small ones and save them from this useless shit. Sincerely, FD

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