Integrating OpenSRS Domains Pro with WHMCS

One of my client gave a task of installing and integrating OpenSRS Domains Pro with WHMCS. Below are the steps to be followed.

Download OpenSRS Domains Pro WHMCS Module

Download the latest version of OpenSRS Pro WHMCS module from here and extract it. The extracted directory would contain WHMCS directory under which you will find sub-directories such as Includes, lang and modules.

Upload OpenSRS Domains Pro module to WHMCS

In WHMCS root directory, you will find the corresponding directories Includes, lang and modules. Upload the files of OpenSRS Pro to WHMCS maintaining the folder structure.


Do not replace the directories as it would contain many other files of WHMCS application. So only upload the files of OpenSRS pro to the corresponding directories.

Have you modified additionaldomainfields.php?

If you have modified additionaldomainfields.php file, copy the additional lines from the corresponding file in opensrs pro ie.,


Activate OpenSRS Domains Pro module in WHMCS

Now login to your WHMCS admin interface and navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars as shown in the below image:

Integrating OpenSRS Domains Pro with WHMCS

Scroll below to find OpenSRS Pro and click on Activate button.

Generate API Key and Whitelist Server’s IP

You need to get/generate an API key for your reseller account, as well as whitelist your server’s OUTBOUND IP address to access your account.

Log into your reseller OpenSRS account & Navigate to Account Settings

Go to and login with your credentials. Click on Account Settings (at the right corner) and click on the API Settings tab as shown in the below image:

Integrating OpenSRS Domains Pro with WHMCS

Copy your API Key if it was already generated, else click on Generate New API Key button. Under IP Access Rules, Click on Edit link to white-list your server’s IP.


Enter your server’s OUTBOUND IP address as shown in the above image and click on Add button. If you need to white-list a range of IP’s, then you can use CIDR notation choosing the appropriate prefix from drop-down menu.


Allow up to 60 minutes for your IP address to be fully white-listed by the system. Also for shared hosting, speak with the server administrator to determine the correct address/range that needs to be white-listed.

Configuring OpenSRS Domains Pro WHMCS Module

Provide the relevant information of your OpenSRS Account and the API Keys obtained from the above step and click on Save Changes button.

Integrating OpenSRS Domains Pro with WHMCS

Navigate to and obtain Test API Key.

TestUsername: <Test environment Username>

Test API Key: <Test environment API Key> (different from your live key)

ProdUsername: <Live environment username>

ProdAPIKey: <Live environment API Key>

Hash Key: A Random string of characters. This is used to create strong passwords when provisioning domains and should never be changed once it is set as it is used to access previously registered domains. This is an optional field.

TestMode: <If checked, test environment login details will be used>

The rest of the options are optional and can be activated as needed.

Start using OpenSRS Domains Pro module

Navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Pricing in WHMCS.
Now you can start adding the domain TLD’s which you are planning to sell through your WHMCS and keep OpenSRS pro as Auto Registration as shown in the below image:
Click on Open Pricing for a particular TLD and set price.

The above steps were tested with OpenSRS version 3.7.1 and compatible with WHMCS version 7.1.

Updated on September 18, 2017

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