How to disable Google’s Shared Endorsement Ads? – Quick Tip

Updated on September 1, 2017

Google makes money, of course they provide free service and they want to cash out from it. Nothing wrong with it, but showing your profile, picture, comments, your likes to public is not something everyone would agree. Recently, Google started showing a blue navigation bar indicating about the changes in terms and conditions and about their shared endorsement advertisements. It means, the comments or reviews that you wrote for apps, movies, books, restaurants will be publicly shown on Google’s search result page to others, of course if they were only appropriate. Nice idea isn’t? But do you really want to be part of it?

If you are willing to opt out of Google’s Shared Endorsement Ads, then here’s how you can do that: Just click on this Google+ link, read through Google’s explanation, uncheck the check box at the bottom and click on save button to disable the shared endorsements.

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Disable Google's Shared endorsement ads
Disable Google’s Shared endorsement ads

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