Youtube comment system integrating Google+ not compatible with Firefox 25

Updated on September 1, 2017

Recently Google has added the sparkly new Google+ powered commenting system to YouTube. This is a sleek change!As it is very easy to get the “Top comments” first (sorting included for newest also). It is also easy to start a conversation on YouTube and share it publicly or privately on Google+.

Also I feel that this change will block people from commenting anonymously! Now coming to the point, why does FireFox 25 does not support all these good stuff?! I found the Google Plus itself is not supported in FF.

Symptoms :

* Clicking on the comment box launches a pop-up to “”. This pop-up fails to load anything .

* Opening the Google Plus Page, shows loading prompt at the top always.

* Click on the Notifications icon shows a blank drop-down with loading prompt.

* Unable to add comments

* Unable to share

google plus firefox 25

For sure, there is no answer from my side as I’m not a FF dev or Google person. But we have few workarounds here, that might work for you. Just give a try!

* Right Click on comment box > this frame > open frame in new tab.

* Options > Privacy > Use Custom Settings History> Exceptions > Add: “”

* Try to disable Adblock Plus or any other such scripts.

* Right Click on Notifications icon and open in new window.

Few things worked for me and I’m still unable to comment and share on my G+ stream with Firefox 25!  If you have any suggestions or work-arounds, please comment and let us know!

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