Browse Facebook securely via https!

Browsing Facebook securely (I mean via https protocol) is an opt-in feature. Most of you might have that feature turned off. Turning on the “Secure browsing” feature, will encrypt the traffic on your Facebook. Means, making it hard for anyone who intercept your Facebook traffic.

Note: However if you are using Facebook via mobile. Then this tip is of no help to you.

How to turn ON Securing browsing in Facebook?

1. Go to your Security Settings page (Account > Account Settings > Security)

FB Secure browsing
FB Secure browsing

2. Click “Edit” on the Secure Browsing section.

3. Turn on “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” and click “Save Changes”.

Turn on secure browsing in facebook
Turn on secure browsing in facebook

Now your traffic on Facebook is secured via “https” (Secured hyper text transfer protocol) protocol.

Note: However, secure browsing feature will not work in Facebook for mobiles.

Note: Enabling secure browsing might log out current active sessions. For e.g If you have log-in to Facebook, then the current session will be logged out and you will need to login again.

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