Do you know that your web browser has an inbuilt scientific calculator?

Updated on September 1, 2017

You might be aware that Google search box can be used as a calculator for solving mathematical problems. This is a cool feature, but you need internet to access Google search. Do you know that your web browser comes with an inbuilt scientific calculator? This inbuilt calculator allows you to perform mathematical calculations and even lets you to solve complex functions and formulas. The calculator comes along with Developer Tools of each browser. For instance, any web developer might be aware of Developer Tools and particularly the web console, which allows you to check the errors and warnings of the page viewed. This same console can be used a calculator.

To access Console in Google Chrome, hit Ctrl + Shift + J, for Firefox hit Ctrl + Shift + K and for Internet Explorer hit F12 and then switch to Console.

Once the Console window is opened, you can type any mathematical calculations. For instance, type 1+2 and hit enter to see the result. You can also perform complex maths calculations as (100*8)/40. Try out maths functions such as Math.sin, Math.log, Math.sqrt, Math.pow etc…


Checkout the above image for few examples, but there are many. Type ‘Math’. to view all the available functions.

Chrome console calculator
Chrome console calculator

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