This Chrome extension called Streak can track and send you an alert when someone has read your email!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Have you ever wanted to track emails you send? That should be an yes from your side, and ofcourse there are lot of tracking systems available, but they come with a price and also, its pretty obvious to the email recipient that the mail has a tracker; sad! But now there is no need to worry about, as we have an extension that would send you an alert when your e-mail is read, and the other person need not have the extension installed, interesting?!

Ok, this extension is called Streak and its a Chrome extension designed for Gmail. It could be a high edge advantage to people who find it difficult to manage customers/sales. Also note that the extension did not show any malware/adware when I checked with ExtShield. Lets have a brief look on various features offered by the extension.

Install and set-up Streak extension

  • You need not spend a penny or learn to code, just install Streak from Google Web Store and follow the onscreen options and complete the installation.

steak gmail extension

  • The app will ask you for permission to add, press Add.
  • Refresh your Gmail page and Streak will load now.
  • It will ask you for permission to manage your mail, calendar, access basic information and so on, click on Accept



  • Then comes the part where you can start with the actual CRM process, select the type you need. I choose custom which allows me to edit and make the folders myself.


  • Click on Tracking by default. From then on, Steak will start tracking all your outgoing mails


  • If, you also choose Custom – Blank, you will notice a new Gmail folder called “Recently Viewed” under Sent Mail and a new category called Pipeline.
  • You can always access Streak from top bar, located near your G+ profile link.

access streak extension

Features of Streak Chrome Extension

How to Track your sent e-mail with Streak

This is the feature that I was attracted to! It is simply awesome and alerts you when your mail is read. Not only that, the tracking feature of Steak, tracks the following

  • Number of views of the e-mail
  • Number of unique viewers
  • Time of viewing
  • Place of viewing
  • And a simple chart depicting – total views vs unique viewers

Lets start by sending an email

  • Just compose a test email and send it to your friend
  • If you open the sent mail, you will find a new addition to the top left side which has the tracking data

streak tracking mail

  • Once your friend opens the email, the extension also shows an alert.

streak email viewed alert

Learn from the video tutorial –

Schedule Mails with Streak

You can schedule outgoing e-mails and these are stored in the Drafts section.

  • When you are composing mails, turn of the track functionality and this will turn on the schedule option.

schedule mails streak


  • Click on the schedule icon to set the date/time

schedule mails streak

Save Template Snippets

If you are sending a repetitive mail, say your business pitch, you can save it as a template snippet and send it to various people. And yes, Streak offers a way to manage your saved templates.

snippet template management streak

Classify e-mails and manage CRM with Streak

Streak gives you an option to manage the e-mails effectively, it shows you a neat graph too! Check out the videos for more!

More Features –

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