Fix lessphp fatal error: load error: failed to find [WP Migration]

Updated on September 25, 2017

Do you see an error “lessphp fatal error: load error: failed to find bootstrap.lesslessphp” and “style.less.cache” after migrating your WordPress site from one host to another?

Generally lessphp fatal error occurs for two files – namely, bootstrap.lesslessphp & style.less.cache. Also, the error is common when you are developing with Twitter Bootstrap (LESS) and you might notice that the changes made in .less files does not reflect immediately. The most common fix for cache issue is to delete the browser cache, but that trick is not going work for less cache errors. So how do you solve this error? Well, here’s how it’s.

Solution for lessphp fatal error

To fix the issue, you need to delete .cache files shown in the error message. To do that, go to your WordPress theme folder (wp-content/themes/mytheme) and delete the below files.


You should NOT DELETE style.less and bootstrap.less. DELETE ONLY less.cache files.


Safe to delete:

You are only going to delete less.cache files and not the actual style-sheets. So go ahead and delete those, as the files will be generated again.

Now your WordPress site will load without those errors. Still thinking about those deleted files? Go back to your WordPress theme folder and check if those .cache files has been generated. It should have!

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  1. Merci pour la solution de supprimer les fichiers cache. Tout est revenu à l’ordre

    Translated: Thanks for the solution to delete cache files. Everything is back to order

  2. Sorted my error messages. Clearly explained. Thanks!

  3. The same for me, deleted those files but the website does not work.

  4. Removed the two files mentioned above, but still getting error

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