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Updated on April 7, 2020

As the baseline systems of each country crumble down under the sudden and exponential outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 all across the globe, many are forced to take measures of self quarantine and isolation so as to prevent the spread and flatten out the curve of the outbreak.

Entire countries are under lock-down and people are in panic as during these times, needing to know what is happening around turns into an obsession among an unprepared population. To help with this, Microsoft has added a tool, Coronavirus (COVID-19) live map tracker as an extension of their Bing search engine.

Coronavirus tracker

Coronavirus Tracker – Features

  • It has a map of the world, which shows close to real time information about each country, state and province that contains reports of people affected by the Corona virus. Microsoft sources this data from the World Health Organization, and the organizations that are local to each geographic location like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the US, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for Europe, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for India and the Wikipedia page about the pandemic outbreak. Data on the tracker is updated within 30 minutes of the Local Organizations being updated of the same information.
  • Each affected area is marked with an orange circle. A larger circle indicates that a higher number of the population is affected in the area. Hovering over any location’s orange circle shows a popup showing a quick glimpse of the count of  total confirmed cases, active, recovered and fatal cases.

Coronavirus tracker country wise

  • A dashboard on the left shows the Global Statistics, along with a list of all countries with available data. It also shows the trend of the outbreak in recent times with a graph. Selecting a country by either tapping on it on the map or searching for it on the pane on the left loads up the content specific to the panel beside. This includes local news, videos and updates related to the latest announcements of the local jurisdiction.
  • Additionally, you also get to select details of each state in a country if  the data is made available, along with which the news of that locality gets loaded too.

We urge you to stay safe and abide by the restrictions placed upon by your local authorities and contribute to the collective betterment by doing so.

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