Let’s Notegraph notes- Scribbling and sharing made easy!

Updated on September 2, 2017

If you had the talent but no platform to display the talent how would it have been? You would say, “Oh! I’d have figured a way out”, but figuring a way out in the real world is much more challenging than figuring it out in the virtual world. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Instagram are a boon that ways (apart from the usual ways that is). These are platforms which makes voicing an opinion and showcasing a talent for the world to see a child’s play (which is not so). So you can write? Start blogging. You can capture well-timed images? Start Instagraming. Yes, I know there are those seasoned players who find the prospect of displaying their talents on a platform littered with ‘wannabes’ horrifying. But then there are those who need the right push at the right time which would make them realize the extent of their talent and these platforms and their participants do just that.

So if you are the master of one-liners or two-liners or say three-liners for that matter, which way would you head? Facebook status it or maybe Tweet it or how about Instagraming it? Well, that’s there, but you may not get the right kind of attention which this talent truly deserves. So, where do I head with my mind-full of punch liners or beautiful poetic ruins for that matter? Notegraphy should be your destination.

What is Notegraphy?

What Instagram or Flick is for photographs that is what Notegraphy is for notes! So if you are one of those ‘random jotters’ and have lines and words ready to make their way out into the world , then Notegraphy is the best place to deliver them all.

So, you mean to say it’s just like a notebook where everybody scribbles?

Yes, No! It is a beautiful open notebook where everybody scribbles and where everybody can see each other’s scribbles sans the bad handwriting. You can modify and beatify your texts, add filters, attach backgrounds and add a lot of charm to your creative output. You can follow and be followed by others just like any other social media platforms.

an app for notes
Notegraphy for notes

Just another app to warm its place on my phone?

Weren’t you judgemental about Instagram? And before that about Twitter and Facebook , as well? Look, where they are today? Notegraphy is many things and ‘just another app’ and ‘place warmer’ are not one of those things. It is the next ‘in’ thing.

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