Get Everything Visible with BehindTheOverlay! A Chrome Extension to remove irksome overlays from pages

Updated on September 1, 2017

There are times when you open a website and it requests the sign-up, various subscriptions, monotonous ad or the newsletter and you get irritated. This Google Chrome extension helps you to overcome your frustration and irritation of these obsolete things, BehindTheOverlay is the new extension which does this magic of making things visible on the click and the frustration is removed.

This extension does not require any permission to use or any sign-up, all you need is the click on the button which will be situated at the top-right position after you install this extension. It has lot to offer and it can be very awesome if you are using the websites which asks these annoying questions and above all if you are Lazy!!

What is BehindTheOverlay? Is it 100% perfect?

The BehindTheOverlay extension is really suitable in removing the overlays which hides the main content, it is very easy to use!

Extension to remove ads, subscriptions, sign-ups.
BehindtheOverlay extension makes things easy! Shows an alert if the page has no overlay

But, this extension does not work 100 percent – meaning there are sites on which you cannot remove these overlays as the programming of each website is done differently and the extension works on the particular programming areas only.

Let me quickly tell you some of the websites on which you can try your hands on, the various links on which you can try removing the overlay are given below:-

How to add BehindTheOverlay extension to your browser?

What you have to do, is to download the extension and then start playing on the pages. If there is no overlay on the page, the message pops up saying ‘No overlay has been found on this website’, get this extension for some time and you will yourself get to know its effect.

It is quite interesting sometimes to see the content without any sign-up or subscription, you can also try watching videos on YouTube which demands the subscription and you can do it all just with a click. So, make your friends jealous and get this exciting extension to make your Google Chrome even more productive.

Download BehindTheOverlay extension

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