Patatap unleashes the musician within you – Killing time was never this fun!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Our generation is often labelled as “the young and the restless”. And there is a reason to it, in an era where an individual often clicks and sees a myriad of topics in a day’s time of web surfing, our attention span has dwindled and boredom now sets in quite too often. The same font, the same text, the same quiz, the same content; everything seems monotonous after hours of web surfing, yet the mind and body are infinitely unwilling to stay away from the virtual world. Thanks to innovative brains which gives us a valid reason to stick around sans boredom. The newest brain child of Jono Brandel called Patatap is one of these valid reasons.

What is Patatap?

Time-killer, joy-giver, stress-reliever, work-doer; it can be given endless names, but essentially it is an audio-visual musical instrument (that’ what it turns your device into). The House and EDM enthusiasts would find this endearing and the rest would simply develop a love for this harmonious music generator. And guess what? You can see patterns of the music you produce!

music which can be seen
It lets you play your music and see it as well

How does it work?

One can tap any letter between A to Z on the device and see the magic materialize on the device’s screen. The sound would range from that of a synthesizer to drum beats. In synchronization, the waves, arrows and several other interesting pattern dance on the screen.

Source of this idea

Patatap is based on synesthesia– a neurological concept that different people see different colours when they hear music.

But who sees music? Music is heard, not seen! Well, you are quite wrong there. Every sensation can be visualised differently by different individuals (neurologically proved). If you have seen Ratatouille, then you must have seen the visuals of Remmy’s cheese and strawberry tasting. Apparently, Patatap has drawn some ideas from this scene.

It needs a specific device?

No! It works on everything. Phone, Tablet, Computer, anything with a keyboard or a touchpad which would act as keys to generate music and the screen would display colourful patterns your music generates. It is specifically tailored for the masses and therefore is convenient and fun.

It originally debuted at the Tech museum, San Jose which was later designed for the citizens of the internet.


Jono Brandel is a member of Google Creative Lab and is also a visual artist, he in collaboration with Lullatone composers came up with this beautiful virtual audio-musical instrument.

Public review

Everybody has been raving about Patatap off late. It has introduced netizens to their (non-existent) musical talent.

Ready to Play some music now?

Hear some sample tunes!

See how well you play!

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