How to change the default ‘admin’ username of your WordPress Blog?

Updated on September 2, 2017

What’s the username of your WordPress administrator account? I hope it is not ‘admin’ or any other common username. For example, if your name is ‘Henry’, then don’t create an account in the name of ‘henry’. The hackers has a huge collection of common username and password, which is later used for Brute force method to attack wordpress blogs. Recently, a security firm reported that more than ninety thousand wordpress sites has been attacked using Brute force method. If you are someone who wants to secure your blog, then check out basic security tips here.

Wordpress attack

Ok! The title is about how to change the default username ‘admin’ of your wordpress blog right? Here we go,

Disclaimer: Try out the below steps at your own risk. Techglimpse is not responsible for any damage that may cause while changing/modifying the database.

Step 1: Login to your MySQL database via command-line or using PhpMyAdmin.

Step 2: Connect to your wordpress database.

Step 3: Run the below query to confirm that you are using the default username ‘admin’.

mysql> select * from wp_users where user_login='admin';

If you were using default username ‘admin’, then the above query will display a table containing various information about the queried account.

Step 4: Now run the below query to modify the default ‘admin’ username to something else.

mysql> UPDATE wp_users SET user_login=’myaccount’ WHERE user_login=’admin’;

That’s it! Now any opened session for ‘admin’ user will be killed and wordpress will redirect you to login page. Try login with your new username and confirm whether everything works fine.

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