Squeeze out the Juice from Webpages with “Streamfully”- the personalized snipping tool

Updated on September 1, 2017

Researching over the internet is a tedious task, especially when the subject of your search is pretty popular. In the age of information where there is a lot to deal, searching on the web may not be the perfect solution as it ends up letting  you read through a huge virtual pile of webpages to get the answer. Reading may not be the tricky part, but is the effort to skim through and sort out the data that is actually relevant to the topic.

To the rescue comes General Cybernetics, a startup which seems to catch a lot of attention, with its project “Streamfully”. So far, just another Google Chrome extension which provides you with a personalised preview of a webpage. Yes, Personalised! Streamfully utilises the concepts of Cybernetics to look for pieces of information that may be relevant to the user. It then snips out those bits from the webpage and serves an assorted platter of facts and information relevant to both the user and the topic.

Layout of Streamfully
Layout of Streamfully

How Streamfully can minimize your reading time?

Much reduced efforts to coordinate actions and an increased velocity of insights are some of the direct benefits, these in turn are the basis of formulating goals and solving individual or collective problems. For example if you go to Techglimpse.com and move the cursor over any of the headlines, Streamfully will immediately show you a collection of info from the webpage and related snippets from elsewhere on the internet and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Google Chrome Extension Streamfully

Streamfully keeps on evolving with time and usage implying that with time the overall reading experience gets shallower as it will tailor the previews accordingly but the effort wasted in sorting out irrelevant pages is reduced and you can spend more time reading info that is more relevant. Another unique feature is that it looks for USPs of a particular content, focusing on what’s unique about it and what it hasn’t shown in other previews.

A separate package for the publishers

The Chrome extension is free but the company is simultaneously offering it as a tool for online publishers and plans to generate revenue from the publisher side eventually. Officials from the Streamfully team suggested that personalized technology could also be used to deliver relevant adds indicating a potential revenue source and yes, Streamfully will eventually work on mobile, too.

Streamfully transforms the way people look at information on the internet, it moves web pages and articles from being giant containers and makes the reading experience more conversational and less time consuming.

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