Updated to WordPress 4.4? View Post button in Editor is now replaced with a Link

Have you updated to WordPress 4.4 and not able to find “View Post” button in the editor window? Not to worry, as the button is now replaced with a clickable permalink (check out the below images). Well, few might see this change annoying in the latest version of WordPress, but I strongly support this feature and the same was echoed in various WordPress forums. “View Post” button is an useful feature, but that was redundant when there’s a permalink next to it. One of the WordPress contributor suggested that the button could be removed and the permalink can be made clickable. Moreover, removing the button from the editor window will also provide a cleaner user interface without removing the functionality.

Below is the screenshot of WordPress 4.3 Editor (with View Post and Get Shortlink buttons):

wp edit window

Those are removed in WordPress 4.4:

wp 4.4 editor window

In addition to “View Post” button, WordPress has also removed Get Shortlink button as well. What do you think about these changes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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