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Drag and Drop Videos, Images and Texts to your own repository using dragdis

You find lots of information around the web and save music, images, videos and texts that you were interested. There are plenty of ways that lets you to save contents directly from your web browser, but very few tools comes with an ability to manage and organize them easily. I know discovering the information is not a big thing, but managing and finding them later is a very big thing. This big thing will look simpler, if you use dragdis, a web service and a browser extension that aims to solve the pain of collecting informations and finding them easily when you need it.

dragdis, the name itself means “Drag” any information that you find around the web and drop it into your own repository. Collect images, videos, texts and links with a simple drag and drop onto a sidebar. Later find and reopen the thing easily with dragdis search. What’s so impressive with the tool is, the sidebar appears only when you are dragging something to it and remains invisible otherwise. Once the item is added to dragdis, it can be previewed on the service’s web interface and share with your friends on social media.

Sign-in to dragdis and install the browser extension/add-on and you will be surprised that the extension doesn’t add anything to your browser’s interface. Now drag any content; either a selected text or image or video to the right hand side of your browser to reveal the dragdis sidebar. Cool isn’t it?

Currently the service is in Private beta, so you can only sign-up for the invites. I was really excited to review the service, but unfortunately I am yet to receive the invite. Until then, check out this short GIF animation that describes what the service is all about.

Update: I got an invite for dragdis and I am using it!

Check dragdis here… 

If you were wondering, How I created the above GIF animation? then checkout this article.

Updated on September 1, 2017

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