How to Share GIFs on Facebook? Yes, now we can! Thanks to Giphy!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Facebook does not support animated images! And, yes that is absolutely making me sad. But now the GIF library Giphy has found a way to share looping animations to play on Facebook. Its just simple! And you have to be thankful to Giphy for this wonderful workaround!

You can do it in two ways:  either by hitting the Facebook button on Giphy and uploading directly from there; or by copying the URL code for the GIF from Giphy site and pasting it into your status as you would do for any link share.

giphy image gif facebook

gif giphy embed facebook

Done? But dint have the GIF running, that’s fine remember that officially Facebook does not support GIFs?! Well, just click on the play icon to find GIF playing! This means that Giphy is going to rock your timeline from now?! Yes!!

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