6 Tips to save your Windows Phone’s battery life

Updated on September 1, 2017

Well, we have seen plenty of articles that guided you in several ways to improve the battery life of Android & iOS smartphones. Now, with the increasing popularity of Nokia Lumia and HTC windows phones, we thought many users might want to know few tricks to stop their phone’s battery from draining quickly. What’s interesting about this article is, you will find few tips that lets you to dig deeply into your phone’s settings panel to try few changes and save some juice. Along with some suggestions like switching Off  Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and cellular data connections, here are some tips that might help you. Most importantly, if you are using some of the below mentioned features, then keep it enabled. But if you don’t use those, then it is advised to follow our suggestions.

Switch Off the automatic Backups

Well, that sounds foolish isn’t? To be frank, automatic backups are important, but if you prefer to do it manually; then it can save lot of juice. So just go ahead and disable each backup option & enable it only when you need it. But soon after disabling the option, remember to take one manual backup.

Switch Off automatic downloads of updates

You can prefer to turn off the automatic downloading of updates. But your phone will still notify if there is an update, but it will not download those automatically. To do that, just tap Settings panel & uncheck “Automatically download updates”.

Turn Off Wi-Fi notifications

You can choose to stop the notifications when new networks are available and information about Wi-Fi networks. To do that, just tap Advanced and Uncheck “Notify me when new networks are available,” and “Send information about Wi-Fi networks.”


Turn Off Tap + Send

Everyone might be aware that the new NFC feature “Tap + Send” will allow you to share web URLs, contact data and more with other phone in close proximity. But what’s the use of keeping it on, if you don’t use it? It’s simple, turning it Off can save lot of battery life.

Turn Off Background tasks

You can choose to stop few background tasks – like you can turn Off “Sync game requests”, “Connect with Xbox Music” and “Connect with Xbox”. Of course, only if you don’t use those features.

Lower the frequency at which mails are downloaded

Adjust the frequency at which new emails are downloaded. In case if you prefer to download it manually, simply turn it Off. Again, it is based on your comfortableness.

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