How to quick reply or compose Messages in iOS 7?

Updated on September 1, 2017

Want to have a jailbreak tweak that allows you to compose and reply to messages quickly? Here is a tweak called Couria that is a light-weight alternative to biteSMS. Lets have a quick look on the functionality of this cydia tweak.

Just install Couria and you will find a separate settings panel in the stock settings app. Once you enable Couria, you can reply quickly to messages just by tapping on the notification or by swiping over the messages displayed on the LockScreen or set a new Activator gesture. You will get a overlay to type and send your response, not only that, the overlay also contains the contents of the threaded message starting with the most recent one. You can also choose between the two themes available in Couria

couria stock message quick

The tweak also features a passcode setting for security reasons, this passcode works independently and protects Couria when the device is locked and/or unlocked. The tweak is currently in beta and if you want to give a try, add the following repo

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